Battletech Progress

So I had an extra day off work this week for the last of my comp days for the holidays.  It was nice being able to spend a whole day napping, resting, and then another nap.  Normally I spend one day off on errands and such and one day off on laundry and dishes.  One for nothing but lazing about was a nice change of pace.

So on to the hobby front.
First of all, I got the last 5 Battlemechs for the 21st Striker Regiment finished on the painting front.  They would be a pair of Stingers, a Panther, an Awesome, and an unseen Griffin.  I still have loads and loads and loads of basing to do though.
Next up, I finally got started on the aerospace fighter component of the regiment.  I've applied the first layer of green to the topside of two Shilones and one Cheetah.  I'm using the same green that I used on the battlemechs to tie them into the unit.  Then I'll do the undersides of the fighters with a blue like WW2 fighters were done.  I'll give them the same style basing as the rest of the regiment.
Last of all for the progress this week, is Sovetski Soyuz-class  heavy cruise Gyrefalcon.  It is a dark gray base with lighter gray panels like the descriptions I've found and then it has blue panels to show it was built in a shipyard in Lyran space.  This is the first time I've used a light colored wash on a dark model and I think I'm ok with the results.  I still need to do a few details like dry brushing over a few details and figure out what I'm doing with the bases.  I'm starting to lean toward solid black bases and just hope they look invisible on the table top.  I need to do an engine glow effect as well.

That's all for now and I'll see you all later.

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