A Large Pile Of Loot

So, as mentioned in previous posts, the Warhound went the way of the auction block.  This post will be covering the first influx of what it's funded.  And I've still got about $150 not spent from that with a number of items slated to go up on eBay tomorrow.  Since I've moved, I've had a chance to get my hobby stuff much more organized as I've been unpacking.  While I've still got a number of stuff to finish unpacking (mainly books, knick knacks, and lots of space marines), it's been nice to go through it a box at a time and get things under control.
This is DEFINITELY more organized than the pile and jumble I had pre-move
First up from the loot pile is two boxes of Perry Miniatures infantry for the War of the Roses force I'm putting together.  One is a box of War of the Roses infantry which can be assembled as archers or infantry and the other is a box of European infantry in the same time frame which can be assembled as crossbowmen, handgunners, or pikemen.  Each box contains enough model parts to assemble 40 models, so it was right at $70 for 80 models of multipart plastics.  Eat that GW.
The forces are being marshaled, but which side to support?
Next up is a box of mounted sergeants from Fireforge Games.  There are 12 multipart cavalry in the box and they're easily the match of GW Fantasy other than you don't get an entire sprues worth of detail bits.  But it was another good value at $20 on eBay.  I've got a couple individual models coming from the Dark Blade line of Game of Thrones models to represent the leadership of the force.  Once they arrive hopefully by this weekend, I'll have a bunch of the infantry assembled and will be doing an entire post on the force.  Also, I'm currently looking into the Fields of Glory rules for playing this army and would welcome any advice on the ruleset.
I read good reviews on this set and they were right
After that we'll make a quick hyperspace jump and look at a pair of basic Tie Fighters to bring me up to 5 basics as I slowly build up my Imperial forces.  I still want to get a pair of bombers, 3 more Ties to be able to field a full swarm list, and then a Firespray.  I'm not going to make the jump into Scum and Villainy just yet.
Soon you will feel the power of .... two lone fighters with no shields
And then last but far far far from least, my order from Warlord arrived with the last of my Bolt Action British paratroopers.  With what I already have, this will easily let me put together a force of up to 1,000 points quite easily.  I'll be working on getting them all onto bases when I'm off work this coming Sunday and Monday so they'll all be ready for my next foray up to Johnson City.  There paras have a return engagement planned with some aardvarks and we'll see if the paras can continue their success when properly modeled and not proxied.
Airborne rangers from the sky, fearless men who'll ...
So that's what all I've got on the plate for now.  Plus I've got some stuff to finish getting organized to get up on eBay.  My goal (if most likely a bit more than ambitious) is to get all this assembled by the end of the month and make a dent is starting to get it painted.  Hopefully I'll at least get it all primed by then and perhaps some basic colors on them as well.  The paras will be the top item for getting paint as they'll definitely be seeing the table top a fair amount while the War of the Roses force will be more of a hobby project for now while I find a rule set that looks promising.  I think I've got Bob talked into trying the time frame at least.

Thanks for the reads and I'll see you all later.

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