Updates From A New Location

So over the last two weeks I've moved and now am in the process of unpacking.  As part of that process I'm getting my hobby stuff sorted out and even thinned out some to free up funds and space for other things.  I'm still going to keep the core main part of my Lions of Harlech and some other choice pieces, but a lot of the excess is going.

The first to go was my never completed after 4 years Warhound Titan.  It fetched a bit over $460 on eBay which I was quite content with.  Next on the chopping block are my 4 Super Heavy Tanks, 2 Apocalypse variants of the Landraider, and some other marine stuff never started such as a couple Rhinos still on the sprues.  There is also a batch of Warmahordes that'll be going as I only got the lot to try and do some 40K imperial guard conversions that really didn't come close to working out.  There is a lot of 40K being played in a group I used to game with quite a bit, so I'm offering some of this there first and then it'll be finding it's way onto eBay.
Now as to what it'll be funding, I've got the last of my Bolt Action British airborne on order and will need to get them all assembled and painted.  Once the British Paras are done, I'm considering a US Army (possibly a Marine) force for a change of pace army and something that goes in for heavier armaments, especially in armored options.
I also got the core rule book for Black Powder.  I must say that I'm .... not a fan.  I'm not saying that it's a bad rule system, far from it.  But it isn't what I'm looking for in a system.  It is DEFINITELY for the historical gamer who likes to figure out their own scenarios and army forces for the game, not a casual gamer quick pick up type thing.  This is a game that you have to get lots of planning in on the front side.

I'm considering some X-Wing purchases as well, not making the Scum and Villainy jump yet, but I need to add to my fledgling Imperial force.  I need four more basic Ties to be able to field a horde list, and I'd like to get a couple Tie Bombers as well.  Still need a Slave One option in my collection as well.

Also while talking with Bob (of Fist Full of D6 infamy), we're both interested in some historical gaming that is farther back in years than Bolt Action.  While we haven't figured out a rule system, I have ordered a couple boxes of Perry Miniatures plastics in their War of the Roses line to get some units put together for when we do figure out a rule set to try.

So that's it for now and I'll see you later.  Feel free to leave any advice on rulesets or inquiries into what is on the chopping block.


  1. Ugh, he's becoming a historical (or is that hysterical?) gamer...

  2. Sad to see the Warhound go, I had to make a similar choice for my Thunderhawk I once owned. You got a nice amount for it considering you had many weapon options.

    1. I actually made about $30 more than I originally paid for it, so no complaints. Plus it's funded a large bounty of stuff, the first pile of which will be in the next blog post.