Assembling The Paras

So I've started getting my British Paras modeled up so I can quit press ganging Imperial Guard models into service for Bolt Action games.  I've got a game against Cheef coming up in a couple weeks and I'm hoping to run this game with all official models.
First up is some heavier fire power than I've been running with the addition of a 6lb anti-tank gun and a pack howitzer which are the two heaviest guns that the British Airborne list are allowed.  The anti-tank gun especially should help out with the light tanks and lone half track that I've been running up against.
Next is the trio of recce jeeps that I've assembled.  I've become a fan of this unit in the couple games I've got in so far.  It makes a nice mobile platform that with it's pair of medium machine guns can kick out a good amount of fire.  With the recce rule they've got a nice ability to scoot backwards when shot at which has saved them a couple times by putting them beyond half range of something shooting at them.
Then we've got a hoard of men ready to be sorted into sections and other roles.  I've got many more that I need to behead so that I can get them properly attired in their berets rather than helmets.  For some reason, you get 1 model with a beret per 2 with a helmet.

I'm planning on trying to get this batch all primered this evening.  Tomorrow the plan is to see about making progress on the still helmeted paras.  I also want to get started on some of the models for the War of the Roses force.  That's all for now and I'll see you all next post.


  1. Wow - I'm excited for you, mate!

    I particularly like the look f those para recce jeeps...

    1. Yeah, they're a nice little kit with several different accessories so you can have multiples and still each look unique. I didn't use the windshield bits and there were a couple other bits as well.