A Little Bit of Everything

So first of all for this update is a trio of Centurions.  I still don't care for the small head look, but an opportunity came up for me to very reasonably get 2 boxes of them.  This is the first trio of them assembled.  I went with the missile launchers, grav cannons, and gravamps to outfit them with.  I think this is the best mix of weapons to use against heavy infantry which is what I plan to use them for, that and things like broadsides and riptides and such.
Next up after that, I've got some paint applied to the Cyrmu Naval Fleet Base.  It's an ok scheme that I think will work well enough for now.  I still need to get a few flying stands attached to the bottom of it though.
And last of all, I've got a couple freighters and a scratch built tanker to use as part of the fleet train.  None of them are a whole lot to look at, but then how spiffy does a freight hauler really need to be, so they'll serve their purpose.
The other thing that I've finished is the organization of the Imperial Naval Battlegroup that I've been slowly accumulating.  It's still very light on escorts but I've got a couple orders in to work on that.  I've gone with more Grand Cruisers than Battleships due to the fleet being on the outer Eastern Fringe, and see them as getting a bit less in the way of resources.

Battlegroup Vaeltin
Vice Admiral Piotr Vaeltin
11th Battleline Squadron
Commodore Craig Douglas
    Sturmswalbe Retribution-class Battleship
    Albatross Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Kirov Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Warrior Code Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Bellepheron Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
12th Battleline Squadron
Commodore Albrecht Densch
    Queen's Gambit Retribution-class Battleship
    Stormfront Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Borealis Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Defense of Minos Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    Trebuchet Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
43rd Battlecruiser Squadron
Commodore Julius Kieraly
    Pan's Labyrinth Mars-class Battlecruiser
    Obsidian Desire  Overlord-class Battlecruiser
    Essex Overlord-class Battlecruiser
201st Cruiser Squadron
Commodore Walter Iverson
    Ivanhoe Lunar-class Cruiser
    Kingfisher Lunar-class Cruiser
    Royal Oak Dominator-class Cruiser
    Royal Crown Gothic-class Cruiser
202nd Cruiser Squadron
Commodore Victor Wieslaw
    Black Prince Lunar-class Cruiser
    Hellbarde Dominator-class Cruiser
    Odin's Oracle Dominator-class Cruiser
    Artemis Dominator-class Cruiser
203rd Cruiser Squadron
Commodore Cole Niesse
    Pride of Orthavan Lunar-class Cruiser
    Might of Vigilance Lunar-class Cruiser
    Duke of York Gothic-class Cruiser
    Furious Tyrant-class Cruiser
56th Escort Squadron
Commodore Gregori Preussner
    Flintlock Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Hauberk Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Greyhound Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Mablehead Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Constellation Endurance-class Light Cruiser
    Dryad Endurance-class Light Cruiser
    403rd Destroyer Group
57th Escort Squadron
Commodore Desmond Belliard
    Vincennes Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Broadsword Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Tower of Iron Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Jaguar Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Galahad Endurance-class Light Cruiser
    Semper Fidelis Endurance-class Light Cruiser
58th Escort Squadron
Commodore Charles Bertaud
    Penitent's Hope Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Borneo Endeavour-class Light Cruiser
    Paladin's Shield Endurance-class Light Cruiser
34th Support Squadron
Commodore Pavel Kushkovo
    2 Tarask-class Merchantmen
    2 Galaxy-class Armed Freighters
    1 Mendencant-class Fuel Transport

That's all for now and I'll see you next time.  I still have all that BFG to paint, 3 more Centurions to assemble, more companies to get onto the blog .... So many projects, so many potential blog posts.


  1. I am not ashamed to say the Centurians have grown on me, although I still don't quite comprehend how the "tit-missiles" should work or how they reload them once their all fired...