Imperial Fleet Grows

So some of the Sorylians that I ordered have arrived, so I spent part of the afternoon with some simple converting.  It's been fun seeing the fleet slowly take shape and I need to talk Neverness into a game here in the near future so I can start trying them out.
First up are the pair of Retribution-class Battleships.  On the left is the Sturmswalbe under the command of Captain Oliver Prescott and on the right is the Queen's Gambit under Captain Ian Marlowe.  The Sturmswalbe is the flagship of Rear Admiral Piotr Vaeltun who is one of the Sector Fleet Battlegroup Commanders.
Next is the quartet of Avenger-class Grand Cruisers.  Going from left to right, we have the Albatross commanded by Captain Lloyd Callahan, Kirov under Captain Anthony Villers, Warrior Code under Captain Joachim Belliard, and the Bellepheron under Captain Duncan Tellermann.
Now we finally get to some escort class vessels.  We have the (again from left to right) five Endeavor-class Light Cruisers.  These are the Flintlock, Hauberk, Vincennes, Greyhound, and Marblehead.
Then we've got five Endurance-class Light Cruisers. There are the (you know the drill by now) Paladin's Shield, Constellation, Dryad, Galahad, and Semper Fidelis.
And then last of all, we have the first group of Cobra-class Destroyers.

There's where we stand at so far with the Cymric Sub-Sector Battle Fleet.  We finally have a Battlegroup Flagship, some heavy hitting ships of the line, and finally some escort vessels.  I've got a few more ships coming and I need to see about ordering some more vessels to use as Destroyers and Frigates.  All in all, it's coming along nicely and I'm hoping to get some paint on some vessels as soon as I get a good day for priming that I'm off work.

That's it for tonight and I'll see you all later.  Trust in the Emperor for his servants' firepower will defend you.


  1. There's still time to bid on my small imperial fleet on ebay if ya want it...lol.

    1. I didn't realize you had one to be honest.

    2. lol, in approximately 9 hours, I won't...

    3. Well, they're classic style regular Imperial Navy so wouldn't really fit in visually. The only classic BFG models that I want to get is some marine strike cruisers.