Chapter Master Moriarty

At long last a major project is done.

So as I've posted before in a couple blog articles, I've been working on a conversion for quite a while now for my Chapter Master of the Lions of Harlech.  He started out as a Scribor SF Lion Knight Number 3.  I used the main body of this kit as well as the base, discarding the weapons.  I love the Scribor bodies and bases but like Forge World, they can stink at times on hand weapons.  The ghost lion bits added to the base are from the Anime Tactics model Samiel.  The banner is from a Space Marine Captain box with the banner topper coming from a Bretonian helm bit (that bit courtesy of Archon Vortil).  The Shield is from the Forge World boarding marine, the servo skull from the Scion box set, the sword blade from the new Sternguard box, his helmet is a from a Contemptor Dreadnought, and the cyber cherub with banner is from the Space Marine Master of the Marches model.  Then various purity seals, oaths of movement, and various other icons of purity and faith were added from various marine sprues.

For a refresher on his fluff, his full name and set of titles is Chapter Master Annwn Piet Moriarty, the Lord Harlech, Dominus Cymru, Knight Commander of Tyr, Lord Defender of the Eastern Fringes, Keeper of the Seal of Cymru, and Knight Protector of Imperial Honor.  After his time in the 10th Company, Piet served in Tactical Squad Haarkin in the 7th Company.  When he was promoted to Veteran, he served in a Sternguard squad in the First Company under the tutelage of Veteran Sgt. Mycroff Owain.  He was then sent to the 3rd Company as a Veteran Sgt to command a Tactical Squad.  He was later promoted to Captain of the 3rd Company and served as first Master of the Fleet and then Master of the Marches before ascending to the position of Chapter Master upon the death of Chapter Master Wilhelm Llewes.
The painting was done by Archon Vortil (formerly of the Rogue Traitor variety) in exchange for a copy of the new 7th Edition rule book.  I was able to get a second copy at a reasonable price and I definitely feel like he did a great job on the model.  He also did the Chapter Master's personal standard bearer which was acquired in the Great Bits Swap Night.  The bearer acquired the needed banner pole, the banner bit that was featured here, and a banner topper from the Scion box set.



All in all I'm very very happy with how it all came out.  What is left to do now is find a small gold lion head in profile in a transfer to add to the Chapter Master's small banner to finish that off.  On the paint job, I love how Vortil got all the nice neat text on all the scrolls and icons, plus the blue came out just right for the rest of the army.  The spectral lion bits really look like they're coming out of the marble base to defend the Chapter Master as well which is just about perfect.  All that's left to do now is working him into a list to get him on the table top.

So that's all for now and I'll see you all on the next time.


  1. I look forward to adding his head to my trophy rack...lol. Seriously though the pics don't do this model any justice after seeing it last night!

  2. That's a lot of detail on that model! Looks great! You should try diffusing your light sources though (when taking photos). Spotlight/flash is really harsh on models, and hides a lot of time and effort you put into the model.

    Try some shots in natural light (overcast/cloudy sky), or break up the flash by bouncing it, or putting it through something like a paper towel. (silly, but breaks up the sharp shadows)

  3. Well, it's strictly cell phone pics for me so it's not likely to get a lot better.

  4. Looks good! I look forward to seeing these in person.