Lands to Raid part 2

Hello, this is Neverness. A few months ago I took some pics of some of Kushial's vehicles in order to use the pics for this blog. They never got used accept for a few and I decided to go ahead and show off more pics of his tanks. In particular I want to show off his really nicely painted Land Raider Crusader.

This tank really caught my eye on the gaming table due to it's lights. He has such a perfect, yet simple, technique for painting headlights that really works well. I think he is far more successful at painting a convincing looking light than what I have been able to achieve on my own models

Look into the lights... keep staring at them as I Tank Shock you!
I wanted to write a bit more though, so I was pushing Kushial to come up a name and a history for this tank, but I guess he couldn't come up with anything, and he told me that he had never worked up a naming convention for his vehicles (yet). I was suggesting all sorts of weird stuff, which probably didn't help! LOL. Since he didn't approve this thing I sent him, here is what I sent him anyway. This is unofficial.

 Land Raider XXI was deployed to the 3rd Company as early as 556M38 and fought in many campaigns before becoming seriously damaged during the Druidian Revolt of M39. It was retrofitted and re-equipped into a Land Raider Crusader and assigned to Warzone Antonius where it was instrumental in over-throwing the forces of Chaos Cultists lead by the Arch Deviant Screech 'The Mouth of Tzeentch', and leading the spearhead that broke the 5 year siege. After this the Lions of the 3rd Company nicknamed the Land Raider "The Indomitable Wrath"

I have more pics of his vehicles, so if he doesn't come up with a naming convention, I just might keep coming up with my own, what do you think>

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