Slow Week

Well, I didn't get a whole lot done this past week.  About a dozen or so Mechs came out of the Simple Green and got primed but I didn't get a picture of them.  I've still got about 4 stubborn ones still soaking away.  I did get some 40K marines sold which let me get some 15mm ordered.
I ordered this detachment from Brigade Models.  It gives me a nice assortment of models to get started with and lets me get working on organization.  I've always like Hammer's Slammers by David Drake so the air cushion hover tanks and apc's really drew me in.  This is something that could be really fun to expand on.  I'm leaning towards a Scottish Highlander regiment theme right now.  It'd let me tell Cheef there can be only one anyway LOL.  I also got the Gruntz rulebook ordered and it should be here early next week sometime.

The 40K just sold to fund the 15mm was a landraider, a quartet of predators, a vindicator and a pair of razorbacks.  I've still got a lot of 40K marines to sell off though, having decided to get rid of all the unpainted stuff and get down to just the finished models to keep back for future use.  It's looking like a few land raiders, 8 or so rhinos, some various odds and ends, and a whole lot (3 hundred or so) of infantry to get sold off still.

The rest of the week should be a lot slower and I'll have the weekend clear and free this go round so I'm aiming to get some progress on both painting the mechs and hopefully get some preliminary work on fleshing out the 15mm fluff idea as well.  That's all for now and I'll see you all next Tues.

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  1. A third player throws his hat into the ring, huzzah!