Bolt Action and a bit of Battletech

So as I mentioned in the last blog post, I've got my US Infantry for Bolt Action organized as B Company, 2nd Battalion, 117th Infantry Regiment of the 30th Infantry Division.  It also has a supporting tank platoon from B Company, 743rd Tank Battalion which was also part of the 30th Infantry Division.  I've worked my Captain America conversion is as the Company Captain and then carried the theme throughout the organization.
Company B, 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division
Captain Steve Rodgers
1st Lt. Bucky Barnes

1st Platoon
1st Lt. Nicholas Fury
    1st Squad, Sgt Robert Ralston
    2nd Squad, Sgt Gabriel Jones
    3rd Squad, Sgt. Mark Todd

2nd Platoon
2nd Lt. Jeffrey Mace
    1st Squad, Sgt. Jim Hammond
    2nd Squad, Sgt. Thomas Raymond
    3rd Squad, Sgt. Bruce Dickson

3rd Platoon
2nd Lt. Montgomery Falsworth
    1st Squad, Sgt. Elton Morrow
    2nd Squad, Sgt. Thomas Halloway
    3rd Squad, Sgt. Peter Noble

Heavy Weapons Platoon
2nd Lt. William Naslund
    Mortar Section, Sgt. Timothy Dugan
    Machinegun Section, Sgt. Roger Aubrey

Attached Elements
1st Platoon, B Company, 743rd Tank Battalion
1st Lt. James Howlett

The other hobby progress has been the arrival of a few more mechs for my Eridani Light Horse.  I got a couple Thunderbolts to use as the TDR-5SE that was unique to the ELH for use as a heavy scout mech.  I also got a Black Knight and a pair of unseen Ostrocs.
So that's what's been done this past week though I plan on doing some painting on the Bolt Action Americans this evening and then again tomorrow evening after work.  That's all for now and I'll see you all next week.

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