Villains and a Couple Allies

Well, due to unforeseen difficulties, Cheef and I didn't get to play this past Saturday night, but we're working on a reschedule.  Still excited about the game and we'll see how it goes.  However, the night free did give me a chance to work on a some more Bolt Action super powers.
First up my allies finally got a Bucky to partner up with Captain America.  Most of the ones I had seen I didn't care for, but finally stumbled across one that I liked and he's now part of the crew.  He was a simple rebase and that's it.

And even though I only have a British Bolt Action army, I wanted to do some Axis Supers/Enhanced as well just because it's been fun and not expensive at all to do these.  Just a small collection of villains to start with, but there are more planned.

Baron Blood (John Falsworth)
    Union Jack's younger brother who was disappointed by his lack of recognition like
    his older brother, John sought out Dracula as a source of power.  Enslaved by the
    evil monster, he became Baron Blood and was used to assist the Axis cause.
Yes, this isn't the Baron Blood model, but I can't stand the look of him even though he makes a great model as a counterpoint to Union Jack and Spitfire.  So Dark Hawk gets vilified with a rebasing to fill in instead.
Iron Cross (Helmut Gruler)
    A German champion with an armored suit that gave him enhanced abilities, he was
    a reluctant combatant for the Nazi regime who felt it nessecary to fight for his country
A foe of Ironman getting re-purposed here with a rebasing and a slight dry brush to bring out the detail on the solid green armor.
U-Man (Merrano)
    An Atlantean who challenged Namor for the throne, he was banished and turned to
    German scientist to enhance his abilities and help him claim the throne of Atlantis.
Another foe of the Invaders that I wanted to use that didn't have a model, but Black Manta makes a perfect substitute.  He was rebased and given a light dry brush to accent the black armor/suit.  I don't like the swords he has and they'll be replaced once I find something I like.
Batroc (Georges Batroc)
    French collaborator trained in various martial arts and close combat tactics as well as
    various means of infiltration and sabotage
Not a WW2 villain but the character makes sense, is a cool villain, and helps pull in the occupied French territory.  A quick rebase and he joined the vault of villains.
Feuerkopf (Hans Wilhelm)
    German scientist who found a way to safely channel fire by means of a special fuel
    and protective suit.
I've always liked the character Pyro as a villain, so he was a quick re-purposing as a villain of my creation in the vein of pulp type characters.  Quick easy rebase and the foes of liberty continue to grow.

So that's where we're at for now.  I still want to do a Baron Zemo, Red Skull, Crossbones, and Chameleon  for sure.  Perhaps a few more as I get an idea.  Being the holidays, it's been a bit busy at work for me so not a ton of free hobby time lately which makes these easy conversion so much fun.  That's all for now this go around.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next time!


  1. Curious how you'll incorporate these into Bolt Action...any Ideas on rules/points for em?

    1. Some of them have easy uses such as Captain America for an officer or Lady Blackheart for a Forward Air Observer. Torch and Feuerkopf could be flamerthrower teams. Others are possible uses in the Conflict 47 add on rules such as Baron Blood as a Nachtjager. Others can stand in as objective markers or targets. And hopefully as Conflict 47 rules get expansions, others will get roles as well.